Indie Game Dev Resource Guide

We are excited to announce, through popular demand and interest from the community, we are going to begin working on a resource guide for indie developers looking for help and advice on starting and running their own studios.

The guide will cover and provide advice on topics such as law, partners, funding, contractors, and more. With so many small-scale studios trying to grow and expand their audiences, we want to provide all the support we can to help them grow and allow the industry to flourish.

The guide will seek contributions from community members who have gone through or been heavily involved in the process of creating a game studio. By doing this, we can give new developers the chance to take in first-hand experience from their peers so they can start off moving in the right direction with a better understanding of the tools and resources required.

Are you a resource?

If you or your studio or company wants to be part of the resource guide, please apply with the following;

  1. Complete list of services and costs
  2. Recommendations or referral contact information from three companies you have worked with

Want to help out creating this great tool?

If you want to help out in any way with the Indie Developer Resource Guide, please contact us at